Who is z.beline?

Some know her well, others, not that much. And not all of her acquaintances know she is who she is.

She is a woman in her forties, round and curvy, nice and mischievous. Both a good and a bad girl.

Her head is full of stories, not always flowery, and yet tremendously romantic behind a rough outside.

Under another name, she writes another kind of fiction. Under her z.beline identity, she writes the rest.

Is she rather submissive, identifying with her bound, tortured, insulted, humiliated, fucked-until-they-cannot-take-more characters? Is she rather dominant, submitting her imaginary women to the worst torments and delights? Is she simply a voyeur, a spectator of the scenes she weaves between her fictive protagonists? Or an exhibitionist, taking her pleasure as she discloses her most unspeakable fantasies?

Does she experience everything she writes, does she live everything she creates?

She is yours, anyway, in the space of her words.