Day 7: What’s your favourite toy?

A few toys are my favourite, depending on the context. Canes are the implements I prefer when it comes to being hit. I fear them, they can hurt like hell, they leave nasty marks and… they are hot. I like to use them when I top too. They require lots of concentration, because you want to control your strength, your aim, but at the same time they are very easy to use (easier than a whip, for instance). My favourite cane, however, is not exactly a cane, but a big stick that my owner uses to beat me and to fuck me. I like when it lands on my ass and makes me cry, and also when it is in my cunt and is hit so it resonates throughout my belly. In another context, the fur-lined cuff attached to a chain attached to the post of the bed that my owner buckles around my ankle for the night is the most reassuring thing in the world and I cherish it. But really, those are only examples of toys I like.

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