Day 17: What misconception about kinky people would you most like to clear up?

BDSM has entered popular culture, especially tv and cinema. CSI and all the other crime series all have had their BDSM episode in which someone is found dead and the police finally discover that they were involved in a BDSM scene at the moment of their death. I know that people can die during a BDSM scene, for kink, just as anything intense (extreme sports, for instance), is not risk-free. But people usually do not die doing BDSM just as most do not die skiing down a hill, and everybody has fun. Also, contrary to what is presented in those shows, most people involved in BDSM are not psycho (probably not more than the average citizen) although they might happily agree that they are perverts.

Also, I would like to clear up the fact that BDSM is violent. Yes, things happen that might look violent from the outside, but they are done from a place of love and are actually the opposite of violence. BDSM (at least the kind I like) is about caring.

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