At the event Spring Fling (Malmenage du printemps), I will be facilitating a workshop called « To Weep, To Sigh, Perchance to Beam: The Role of Pain in BDSM Scenes » (see details on their website). Here is the description:

To Weep, To Sigh, Perchance To Beam
The Role of Pain in BDSM Scenes

Pain is a natural sensory or emotional response to unpleasant or potentially harmful situations. As animals, we are wired to avoid pain at all costs in order to stay alive and healthy. However, some of us human beings seek pain or, at least, pursue activities where pain is part of the game–activities such as those included in BDSM but also ranging from extreme sports to self-mutilation. There are those who simply accept pain as necessary evil, as a means to access fulfilling states. For some, pain is part of a regular play diet; for others, pain is the occasional name of the game. This workshop is for those who want to reflect about pain in all its expressions, within play or within a relationship. We will discuss the mechanisms of pain, from the initial response to the unbearable, with a strong emphasis on the multiple ways, means and motivations to processing pain within oneself or someone else—or not. This seminar is appropriate for all levels, from novice to extreme players.

(Version française.)