Day 4: Any early experiences that, in retrospect, hinted at your kinks?

In retrospect? Oh yes. The general way I approached sexuality from the very beginning, and my intimate relationships, for example, or what I seeked (and fortunately found) in my partners. But also, much earlier experiences. Me in the school yard playing with the other kids a game in which members of a team were “captured” and held by the fence, then freed by their teammates, with all those images going on in my imagination, images of being chained to the fence, for instance. At approximately the same age, me watching pirate or peplum movies in which people were captured, tied up, whipped… More specifically, Planet of the Apes with human being caged and enslaved. And me playing Barbie, in my own personal way, alone in my room, because I already had this sense that the way I was playing was special: Barbies held prisoners, tied down with leatherette bracelets, chained with necklaces, whipped with tiny little whips I made with elastic bands… And, later, me playing the same game in my head, for I was too old for Barbies, self-censoring those images because they were not proper (how could I, a feminist, nurture all those images of enslaved women?), then finally going back to them as bedtime stories. Early short stories, also, and especially one involving power exchange and leather gloves.

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